Cartago and Las Pasadas de la Negrita.

Costa Rica Saint Patron La Virgen de los Ángeles. Affectionately known as «la Negrita» due to the color of the rock and the factions of a Mestizo/Mulato Woman. Is one of our dearest traditions.

Her day is the 2nd of August. When around 2 million people do the Romería. A pilgrimage to la Basilica de los Ángeles. To ask for favors and say thanks for miracles received.

However the festivities extend to Augusts 3rd . When the people of Cartago moved the image from «La Basilica» to the Cathedral of Cartago.

And September 3rd. When it is sent back to the Basilica from the Catedral.

Both events congregantes thousands of people.

August 3rd from La Basílica to La Catedral de Cartago.

For the first pasada the Basilica and Cathedral call all the Parishes of the province to organize an Ox Cart Parade «Desfile de Boyeros». A time and opportunity to exhibit their animals and Carts.

This tradition includes a presentation of the fruits and crops harvested. Those are presented to the virgin in gratitude for the year’s harvest. And asking for another year of equally good or even better results.

At the end the crops are given to the church. For it to give them to the families and institutions that need them the most.

September 3rd From La Catedral to La Basílica de los Ángeles.

Exactly one month after the first Pasada. The Catedral gives the image back to la Basílica. This time all the Parishes get together creating carpets of flowers and sawdust. With beautiful designs. Naming their parishes and towns. There is an unofficial competition among the parishes to present the most beautiful carpet.

Then the image is received in La Basilica for to rest and received by its people. Until next year.

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