La feria del Agricultor. Farmer’s Market

Every country needs a farmer’s market. In Costa Rica the oldest and perhaps biggest is the one in Zapote. For longer than I’ve been alive. La feria has been there every Sunday. Gathering more than one hundred vendors and farmers.

Many of the people and faces have become familiar. And even friendships over the weekends. Generations of buyers and sellers have been brought and introduced to each other. Seeing them grow up and get old one Sunday at a time.

Jokes among the people, commentaries about the result of the football matches, and quick updates about health and family. Happens each time, in a very jovial environment.

I love how colorful the Feria is. Especially due to the arrangement of fruits and vegetables in the stands. And the people you expect to meet every Sunday. To share brief moments and a warm «Pura Vida.»

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