Costa Rica is music. A night with Felipe Fournier

My high school used to be just in front of the biggest music store in Costa Rica, instrumentos musicales Banshbach. So you can figure it out. I probably spent more time inside the store than inside the classrooms.

There I (in the store) managed to make friends with several people. Don Dotti the administrator and Diego Fournier in charge of the piano and keyboard sections. (among many others)

In 2016 while I was still studying guitar and was not a full flesh musician (hopefully one day might be) he invited me to see his son play at Amon Solar.

He told me his son lived in New York and he was a Percusionists and a Xylophonist. And he worked as a producer and a full-time musician. Diego and accomplished piano player in his own right. Was very proud of his son and wanted me to meet him and listen to him.

One of my best friends another amazing piano player, producer, and composer Alberto Zuluaga from Kauna Studios wanted to go to the concert and record it for Diego.

What came after was one of the most amazing Jazz concerts I have attended too. That is saying something. Years later I even got the chance to briefly share time with David Garfield and Alex Ligertwood.

Felipe will go to win a Latin Grammy the next year for the Album Las Caras Lindas with the Mariachi Flor de Toloache

Today after years away from the spotlight. I had a deep melancholic feeling for those times when I played live. But also for those times when I went to a concert as an audience member an felt fascinated by the composition, virtuosity, and overall magic of the music.

Costa Rica is full of art and music. And behind each presentation, there are years of practice and effort, and dreams. Translated notes, melodies, and harmonies for all to enjoy.

Those moments when I can share unique performances. Either from the stage or as an audience member when I feel the most happiness and fulfillment.

Hopefully, I will return to play live soon.

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