Prusia and the Irazú Volcano.

In the province of Cartago, very near the capital (less than an hour by car) There is the Irazú Volcano National Park. One of ticos favorite oneday trips for the weekends.

Some years ago. I went there with a couple of friends. There is a place just passing the old Sanatorio Duran (the most famous haunted house/hospital in Costa Rica). Where we like to go and hike. It is kind of our secret because you have to go through private property at first.

But then after that there are a couple of very nice waterfalls and very tranquil places to stay and wander around.

We were returning to our vehicle when some 500mts away I saw these four horsemen and their dog. Casually strolling amid the very regular mist of the mountains.

When they notice me taking the photo they decided to pose for the pictures.

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