I don’t remember her name.

I’ve been trying to remember her name and have not been able to do it. She was the youngest daughter of a caregiver for a client’s mother. She and I became friends immediately. To the point that I often have to run away from her.

One of the quintessential children I ever met she was always smiling, exploring, and laughing her lungs off.

This photo was taken some 6 years ago or so… My client took us to a farm in La Cima de Santa Maria de Dota. To visit a permaculture friend of hers. That was working edible fungi. -Not the ones that allow talking with the machine elves-… The ones that you put on pizza and cook together with the food.

I remember that the moment she arrived at the farm, she made herself at home. And started to explore. She made friends with the dog very fast. And he followed her everywhere. Then for a moment, I lost track of her. Because I was busy taking photos of everything else.

Then from below she called my name and handed me this flower. I had to think fast and managed to take perhaps not the most accurate and technically correct photo. But to capture the moment non less.

And then she made herself into a burrito.

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